High indoor cage for rabbits – black – 107 cm


Black high rabbit cage for free roam rabbits

The cage can be set up in many different ways

The high enclosure can be decorated with e.g. light chains or other at the top


High indoor cage for rabbits – black

Cute decor for the rabbits home base

Now you can get a tall indoor cage for rabbits in black here at Bunny and Cat. High rabbit cage in black. The rabbit cage is a whopping 107 cm (42″) high!!

You can make a really cute rabbit home base with things at the top that the rabbit can’t reach. And it can look more harmonious in the living room with some more height on the cage.

Another advantage of the enclosure being so high is that you can decorate it with e.g. light chains or flowers up where the rabbit can not reach. It looks really cute.

This tall rabbit cage consists of 8 panels, each of which is about 70cm wide and 107cm high. The perimeter of the enclosure is 560cm (220″)

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High rabbit run

The rabbit home base is where the rabbit has all its stuff. This can be a cage or fencing, to provide a safe demarcation.

For example, store the rabbit’s cave, the poop tray and the digging box in it. Have a lot of cute toys for your rabbit too.

High rabbit run for free rabbits in the house

We love of free range rabbits in the house. We do not recommend that the rabbit lives in this tall enclosure. Rabbits need space for running. And they should be part of the family’s everyday life. But it can be an advantage for the rabbit to have its own clearance. For example, give it a tall indoor cage for rabbits.

New rabbit

If you have just got a rabbit, it may be too overwhelmed or scared if it does not have a restricted area. Therefore, we recommend keeping new rabbit in a defined area e.g. a tall rabbit cage like this the first week. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace. Then open the playpen when it seems to feel safe. If the rabbit seems restless or bites the bars, let it out immediately. Rabbits are very different, so some rabbits can easily be let free immediately.

You can find many great ideas for fine interior design options inside pinterest.

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