Herb bed with Flowers – rabbits – toys – activity


750g of delicious whole wild plants for your rabbit

Among other things, daisies, plantain, chamomile to dig, sniff and eat

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Herb bed with flowers for rabbits – toys – activity with whole wild plants

Rabbits need toys and activity. Herbal Meadow with flowers is a real piece of meadow for all rabbits. Your rabbit can spend plenty of time digging, smelling and eating the most delicious whole plants like clover, chamomile, birdgrass, dandelion, marigold and roses.

Exploring, digging and gnawing as otherwise only possible outdoors.

Super healthy and natural activity for rabbits

A fragrant herb bed with healthy marigold flowers and tasty rose petals for a special natural activity.

The herb can be inserted into the rabbit’s home base as a whole piece.

The green part of the plants is rich in natural fibres, the roots support tooth wear and the adhering soil gives your pet a lot of extra important minerals.

A natural piece of activity toy for your rabbit.

Why your rabbit needs toys

Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into because rabbits have a great need to dig. You can also store treats and feed pellets so it should look for food, instead of just serving it in a bowl. Or you rabbit give your rabbit something to gnaw on. Rabbits need daily activity playing so that they do not get bored and cause trouble at home. For example, by destroying furniture.

This accessory for rabbits can give your rabbit satisfaction by searching for food and digging. From jr-farm.

This herb bed from Jr farm for rabbits contains:

The whole plant from the wildflowers, herbs and grasses (dandelion, Lancet, daisies, red clover, roadshore, chamomile and bird grass)

Marigold flowers 0.4% rose flowers 0.3%

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