Hazel branches with leaves for rabbits


Branches and leaves for rabbits

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Hazel tree branches for bunnies

Healthy and tasty hazel branches for rabbits. Thin tree branches with lots of leaves for your rabbit.

At Free The Bunny, we care deeply about the health and naturalness of rabbits. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that all our treats, snacks and herbs are healthy. We have nothing in the store that contains sugar, honey or yogurt.

Branches and leaves are probably the most natural thing you can give your rabbit to eat. Wild rabbits eat leaves and branches every day. Our own rabbits are not very interested in the thick branches you can buy on the market. That’s because they can’t peel off the bark of them like they can with fresh branches out of the garden.

These branches are thin and brittle like willow branches, and therefore rabbits can eat them whole. The hazel branches break brittle in their mouths. And with lovely vitamin rich and fiber-rich leaves. The hazel branches also help the rabbit’s tooth grinding.

How to use hazel branches for rabbits

Use these dried hazel branches as pampering for your rabbit and for extra tooth grind and health. Mix it in the hay, to make the hay eating more exciting.

Give your rabbit a varied diet in the form of hay with many different grass species instead of just one grass variety. And with many green plants and flowers. And give your rabbit pellets with many grass species and herbs instead of grain based feed.

Always supplement your rabbit’s diet with various branches, herbs and leafy greens to give it a natural and varied rabbit diet.

Jr-Farm branches

We have chosen branches from JR-Farm because it is natural feed for rabbits


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