Bunny couch for the rabbit enclosure

Yes, what you read is correct. How about a rabbit couch for the home area. Cozy gray sofa with rabbit face on. Fits rabbits of all sizes. Super sweet and nice rabbit ting for the home base.

Couch for bunnies

This fun cute rabbit sofa fits a little dwarf rabbit when it’s merged. You can take it out so that it becomes twice as big and then it fits a large rabbit or several rabbits.

Create coziness for your rabbit with a cute gray rabbit sofa

This sofa for rabbits is just super fun and cute to have inside the rabbit enclosure. Create coziness for your rabbit inside the home base and at the same time have some cute and fun designs to look at. After all, your rabbit deserves only the best.

Decorate a good rabbit area with cute rabbit stuff

The free roam bunny must have a home base where it has all its things. It can be in the form of a large enclosure inside or a cage. It can also just be a corner in the living room. Cages and enclosures are especially good if there are children and other animals in the house so the rabbit can have peace and quiet in its home base. Decorate the rabbit base with cute furniture for rabbits, toilets, toys, feeding bowls and other rabbit things.

How to keep the rabbit couch clean

The cover can be taken off the cushions and washed at 30 degrees and air-dried. Inside, there are pee mats on the cushions so they don’t get destroyed by accidents.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg