Gray rabbit houses with two exits

Cute gray bunny houses made of braided paper yarn makes great rabbit stuff. With this house and other rabbit stuff you can make a nice bunny cage decor.

Rabbit houses

This house is specially made for rabbits. It is gray and has two exits, as rabbits like it best. It creates security because rabbits in the wild make tunnel systems and caves underground. Here they always make several exits so they always have an escape route in case predators pass by. Rabbits do not like to feel trapped, which is why houses and caves with several exits are always a hit.

Make your bunny a nice rabbit cage decor

Many free roam bunnies have e.g. an open cage or enclosure where it has all its rabbit stuff and where the rabbit can have peace to be itself. This is the rabbits home base area. Some also just have a corner in the living room or somewhere the rabbit likes to stay. Having a confined area like en enclosure for your rabbit can be especially good if you have small children or other animals in the home that your rabbit can withdraw from if it wants to be at peace. It’s rabbit territory. You can make a nice rabbit cage decor with this rabbit house, a toilet tray, a bed and food bowls.


45 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm


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Weight 1 kg