Gray teddy bear plush pillow for rabbits with pee pad


60cm x 40cm cushion

With pee-resistant bottom

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Gray teddy bear soft pillow for rabbits with pee pad

This dark gray cushion doesn’t have much lined in it, so your pet can lie on something that gives a feeling of still having solid ground under its feet. At the same time, the cushion is super teddy bear is soft thanks to its plush surface. And then it’s pee safe. Perfect rabbit pad and sleeping area.

The cushion is very light and folds and is taken in the car or elsewhere.

Rabbit pillow with pee safe bottom

The pillow is dark gray and fits into most people’s homes. It is soft to lie on but not too soft, so it gives a safe feeling to walk on. Under the pillow there is a layer of waterproof lightweight fabric, so that no liquids can come out on the floor or other assaults where the pillow is located.

Practical pillow and rabbit resting pad

You can easily take the pillow with you in the car or in other rooms. In addition, the pillow can be washed at 40 degrees and air dried.

Decorate a nice home base

Make a nice rabbit home base. It can be a large enclosure or an open cage, or just a corner in the living room. Cages and enclosures are especially good if children and animals live in the house, so your rabbit can have peace in its base. Decorate the base with sleeping space, eg this gray pillow with a pee base, a house it can hide in, a toilet and food bowl. Also remember activity toys.

Pillow dimensions

ca. 60 cm x 40 cm

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