Grainless Vitamin Balls for Rabbits – Bell Peppers


Grainless Vitamin Balls Without Grains and Sugar

Treats for your rabbit without toxic unnatural additives

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Grainless Vitamin Balls with Bell Pepper Treats for Rabbits

Treats without toxic and unnatural additives. No wheat or sweeteners.

Here in this shop you will never find treats and snacks that contain sugar, honey, yogurt or unnatural for rabbits. We care a lot about the health of rabbits and want all rabbits to have a more natural diet.

These Grainless Vitamin Balls are a supplement feed for all rabbits. The treats consist of the most delicious ingredients and are 100% grain-free and completely free of sugar.

These balls are seen as a supplement to the daily feed which most of all should be hay, fresh greens and branches. They give an extra boost in everyday life.

These healthy rabbit treats include:

They weigh 150 grams

peas, grass seeds, canary grass seeds, bell pepper/paprika 4%, parsley, buckwheat, starch, carrots, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, fennel seeds, variety.

protein 18.1%, fat: 4.2%, fibre 5.5%, ash 3.4%, calcium 785mg/kg, phosphorus 3132mg/kg, sodium 205mg/kg

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