Grainless health vital blocks rabbit supplements – Kidney and bladder


Strengthen your rabbit’s kidney and bladder

300g blocks for healthy urinary tract


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Gainless health vital blocks rabbit supplements – kidney and bladder

Rabbit supplement Blocks for your dwarf rabbit which are particularly strengthening, with special medicinal herbs such as birch leaves and larch which can have a particularly good effect on the kidneys and bladder.

These blocks are completely grain-free and loved by rabbits, extra fiber and selected herbs contribute to a healthy diet.

Rabbit supplement for kidney and bladder

Give your rabbit such a block instead of pellets for a period of time in need of extra strength for the kidney and bladder.

These blocks should NOT be seen as a substitute for a veterinary visit. If the rabbit is sick, go to the vet. This feed supplement can help strengthen urinary tract healing.


Hay with many grass species and herbs, stinging nettle 4%, peppermint, birch leaves 2%, larch 1%, foal foot, honorary award, milk thistle seeds, flax seeds, fennel seeds, horsetail

Analysis: protein 12.8%, fat 2.9%, fiber 25.2%, ash 8.2%


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