Grainless sunflower chamomile – natural rabbit snacks


Grainless floral rod

Rabbit treats without grains, sugar or additives


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Two large delicious natural rabbit snacks with flowers – 140 g

Grainless rods with Sunflower, Dandelion and Chamomile are two super healthy, grain-free and sugar-free natural rabbit snacks. Filled with lovely herbs and yellow flowers.

These rabbit snack bars do not contain

The delicious rodent sticks are completely free of grains and sugary ingredients. Like all snacks you can find here in the store.

It is therefore a healthy alternative to rodent bars from other brands on the market.

At Free The Bunny we care a lot about the rabbits’ health and natural diet. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that NONE of our treats, snacks and herbs contain preservative, sugar, honey or yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits.

Benefit from this treat

Your rabbit will definitely love these delicious flower rods.

The snack bars are hard and therefore support the important tooth wear plus provide activity for your rabbit because it takes longer to eat them.

They are filled with really healthy seeds like hemp seeds, flax seeds and fennel seeds which give your rabbit lots of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Flowers, vegetables and flowers help you give your rabbit a varied rabbit diet.

Use the natural rabbit snacks like this

They have a natural string so you can hang the treats up. Your rabbit will be able to gnaw on such a rod for many hours. It is not feed, so give them only ones in a while, they are too high in fat content to be used as rabbit feed.

Provide a varied diet with hay with many different grass species instead of just one kind of grass. And with many natural plants and flowers. And give the rabbit pellets with many grass species and herbs instead of pellets based on soy, corn and wheat.

Jr-farm Grainless

All Jr-farms Grainless products are without wheat and other grain products, but filled with good healthy seeds that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, also these sunflower sticks you can hang up.

Composition of floral snacks:

pea flour, grass seeds, canary grass seeds, nettles, buckwheat, parsley stalks, carrots, hemp seeds, chamomile flowers 1.6%, flaxseed, fennel seeds, peppermint, dandelion, black cumin, sunflower flowers 0.7%

Protein 17.3%, fat 8.4%, fiber 7.1%, ash 4.2%, Calcium 4022 mg / kg, Phosphorus 3202 mg / kg, Sodium 181 mg / kg

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