Grainless One – Bunny Feed – Food for rabbit – blocks


Whole complete food blocks consisting of many grass species and herbs

All our rabbit food is without grain, sugar, or additives

950g rabbit food blocks


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Super healthy and natural large feed blocks – grain-free and soy-free feed for rabbits

Rabbit food and activation in one product

950 grams complete food for bunnies

Looking for a pellet free food for rabbit? Grainless One complete-feed rabbit food for dwarf rabbits is 100% gently pressed large blocks that your rabbit can spend time gnawing on. It’s activating and feeding in one.

The food blocks have a high fiber content, which is gently pressed together, without destroying the important fibers, which are so healthy for the stomachs of rabbits.

They have a slightly higher fat content than our food normally has, at 5%, so we recommend one of the other types of feed if you have an overweight rabbit.

After we get into the ingredients of rabbit food, we feed our rabbits exclusively with Grainless, Bunny Nature and Beaphar Nature rabbit feed!!!

Try comparing this delicious natural ingredients list with your current feed’s ingredients list.

First ingredient in these large feed blocks is grass

The first ingredient in rabbit food should always be grass. These feed blocks for rabbits contain lovely grass and other wild plants from the grasslands of the Alps.

Plus green plants and flowers

In addition, these rabbit blocks contain a number of other vegetables, herbs and flowers: e.g. roadside, marigold, birch leaves and parsnips.

Compared to other good brands rabbit food

Other good rabbit brands usually contain 1 kind of grass, a few herbs and a number of cheap residues from industry e.g. wheat, corn and soy. Cheap feed labels from, for example, the supermarket do not contain grass but almost only these cheap fillers from the industry.

In addition, they contain sugars such as molasses, which make the rabbit addicted to the food. And dyes makes the food look more inviting to humans.

This grainless food contains none of the above ingredients.

Grainless One feed for rabbit does NOT contain:

  • Sugar or other sweeteners such as molasses
  • salt
  • Wheat or other cereals
  • Soy
  • Artificial colours or flavourings

Real natural complete food for rabbits

This Grainless One Dwarf Rabbit complete feed blocks have the right composition of components like fat and fiber by other brands, but composed of natural plants for rabbits, not cheap fillers from industry.

Germans are generally very nerdy about their pets, which is why they are also really good at producing quality things for the animals. This can be seen here. When opening a bag of their feed, it smells wildly delicious of herbs, much more than other expensive brands on the market.

They are also added vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, we only feed our own rabbit food from Grainless, Bunny Nature or Beaphar Nature products, and we also recommend this to you and your rabbit 🙂

Get a rabbit with a healthy stomach, without any problems making nice big round poop every day….

Remember that the rabbit must also have access to quality hay and fresh water every day.

Ingredients in this rabbit food:

The whole plant flora growing on permanent grasslands in the Alps, pea stock, horse bean flakes, carrots 5%, flaxseed, parsnips, oat plants, peppermint, lancet, marigold, beetroot, fennel seeds, balm, birch leaves, raspberry leaves, dandelion, black carcass, spelt plants, chamomile, cucumbers, squash.

Additives / kg: Vitamin A (such as retinyl acetate) 13,000 UI., vitamin C (such as ascorbyl monophosphate) 250 mg, vitamin D3 (such as cholecalciferol) 900 UI., vitamin E (such as RRR-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 80 mg

Analysis: protein 15.9%, fat 5.1%, fiber 19.1%, ash 6.6%………. We offer world wide shipping We offer shipping to the whole world. Ordinary freight outside the EU is expensive from Denmark. That is why we also offer shipping as a letter. It’s cheaper. If you buy something that weighs less than 2 kg, we can send it out as a letter at a reasonable price. However, keep in mind that there is no insurance and tracking on letters.

We only sell rabbit food which contains many different grass varieties and herbs here in this bunny store. And we only sell grain-free feed for rabbits.

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