Grainless Herbal Wheel – Marigold – Dandelion


Hanging with healthy marigold and dandelion leaves

Activating and snack in one for rabbits

Healthy snack wheels for rabbits as much as 140 g

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Grainless Herbal Wheel with Marigold and Dandelion for Rabbits

Here you have both long-lasting activation and healthy snack for your rabbit.

A great snack you can hang up in the rabbit’s home base. It is filled with lots of healthy and tasty things for rabbits, like marigold, grass seeds and nettle.

Your rabbit can gnaw at this snack for hours and thereby become activated and stimulated which is good for both body and mind.

The popular Grainless herbal wheel contains dandelion and marigold – it’s so delicious and healthy for rabbits. Full 140g delicious snack for long-term activation mmmhh

The rabbit snack contains:

Peas, marigold flowers 8.1%, grass seeds, canarygrass seeds, nettle, dandelions, buckwheat, starch, parsley, carrots, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, fennel seeds, peppermint, black eatery

Protein 16.7%, fat 8.4%, fibre 7.2%, ash 5.0%
Calcium 3785.9 mg/kg, phosphorus 3097.6 mg/kg, sodium 612.2 mg/kg.
Here in this store you will never find treats, snacks and herbs containing sugar, honey or yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits. We care a lot about the health of rabbits and want all rabbits to have a real natural rabbit diet.

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