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For a rabbit belly in balance

300g large blocks

Dietary supplements for rabbits

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Grainless health vital blocks to strengthen the stomach – supplements for rabbit stomachs

Large feed blocks supplements for your rabbit with special benefits to keep the stomach in balance. Dietary supplements that have extra fiber and with specially selected medicinal herbs such as chamomile, fennel and angel root that can have a particularly good effect on a healthy rabbit stomach.

Dietary supplements for rabbit stomachs

These blocks are completely grain-free and loved by rabbits, extra fiber and selected herbs contribute to a healthy diet.

Give your rabbit such a block instead of pellets for a period of time in need of something extra to balance the stomach.

These blocks should NOT be seen as a substitute for a veterinary visit. If your rabbit is ill, go to the vet. This supplement will be able to help strengthen the healing process.


many grasses and natural herbs, dandelion, fennel herb 0.6%, apple, marigold flower, sage, chamomile 0.2%, angel root 0.2%, flaxseed, black cumin.

Analysis: protein 12.2%, fat 2.9%, fiber 24.5%, ash 8.2%


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