Grainless drops with herbs – treats for bunny rabbits


Healthy herbal drops for rabbits

Delicious treats for bunny rabbits

Grain-free from jr-farm

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Healthy treats for bunny rabbits with herbs

Grainless drops with herbs are grain-free treats for rabbits. The treats can go and become your pet’s new favorite snack.

A delicious rabbit treat 100% without grain and grain by-products. There is also no sugar or synthetic additives in this bag.

Here in the store you will never find any treats containing sugar, honey or yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits. We care a lot about the health of rabbits and want all rabbits to have a more lifelike diet.

How to use this healthy snack

Use this treat as a reward or just as a pampering for your rabbit. But be careful not to overdo it, as they contain starch and too much fat, so do not use them instead of good feed, fresh greens and hay.

Give your rabbit a varied rabbit diet with hay with many different grass species instead of just a grass variety. And with many weeds. And provide your feed pills with many grasses and herbs instead of cereals and soy based feed.

It contains these treats for bunny rabbits

Rabbit treats with species appropriate and natural blend of many aromatic herbs and vitamin-rich vegetables.

A naturally high fiber content that is good for the rabbit’s tooth wear and digestion.

Rich in natural vitamins, valuable trace elements.

Benefits of these grain-free rabbit snacks

  • Helps give your rabbit a varied diet
  • fibers help to wear the rabbit’s teeth

Rabbit treats do not contain

Without artificial colors, flavors, sugars, and genetically modified ingredients.


peas, starch, foliage 9%, lancet road width 6%, nettle 6%, parsley 6%, oatmeal 3%.

protein 16.3%, fat 8.3%, fiber 4.7%, ash 7.5%.

140 g

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