Grainless beetroot drops for rabbits – Treats

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Delicious drops for rabbits

Super healthy treats

With beetroot

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Healthy treats for rabbits

Grainless drops with beetroot for your rabbit are super healthy red treats.

100% without cereals and grain by-products AND Free from sugary ingredients like molasses.

Species-appropriate and natural blend of many grasses, aromatic herbs, tasty flowers and vitamin-rich vegetables

The treats have a high fiber content that is good for digestion and tooth wear.

Grainless drops with beetroot snacks are without toxic dyes, flavors, and GMO.

These healthy rabbit bites contain:

pea meal, beetroot 10%, starch.

protein 18.2%, fat 4.7%, raw fibre 3.6%, raw ash 3.1%.

140 g

Here in the store you will never find treats that contain sugar or yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits. We care a lot about the health of rabbits and want all rabbits to have a more natural diet.

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