Gold bowl for dwarf rabbits


Small fine golden bowl

9 cm diameter

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Cute gold bowl for smaller rabbits

Nice little gold bowl for rabbits. Good for snacks, herbs or pellets.

How to keep the bowl clean

Can get in the dishwasher or just wash dishes by hand.

Benefits of this food bowl for rabbit

  • Small and cute
  • Hard and durable

That is why you need many feeding bowls

It is good to have several feeding bowls for your bunny. Rabbits in nature eat many different grass varieties, wild plants, flowers and branches with leaves from bushes. They eat very varied and green. Give your rabbit a diet reminiscent of the diet of wild rabbits. Give it hay (mountain hay, meadow, etc.) which consists of many grasses instead of only one grass species, and where many other plants also grow. And give your rabbit pellets which consist of many grasses and herbs instead of cereals, corn and soy. And supplement with various herbs and fresh greens.

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