Fresh green hay for rabbits – vegetables – 18 grasses – herbs


Hay with 18 different grass species and herbs

and with added vegetables

500 g

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Green fresh hay for rabbits with vegetables

This super good quality hay for rabbits smells wonderfully fresh and green, and also looks like this. Herb hay with many grass species.

Healthy herb hay that provides a varied rabbit diet

Herb hay helps to give your rabbit a varied diet because it consists of 18 different grass species and natural wild herbs ie. weeds and flowers.

We want to promote the health of rabbits, therefore all our hay types contain many different grass varieties and green herbs and flowers. It is better than hay with only one kind of grass, since it gives rabbits more plant variability in everyday life. This is more like the food of wild rabbits, which feed on many grass species, weeds, flowers and twigs every day. Please switch between different hay brands, to reduce an overly monotonous diet for your rabbit. Remember also to add various herbs and vegetables.

High-fiber hay for rabbits

The hay is loosely placed in the bag, so it retains the important long fibers that help your rabbit maintain a healthy intestinal function and tooth grinding.

The hay contains 23% fibers.

Rabbit hay with vitamins

The delicious all-green herb hay is gently dried indoors to preserve the vitamins from the grass. It is also dried CO2 neutral.

Tasteful rabbit hay

In this variant, 6% vegetables are added in the form of beetroot, pepper fruit and parsnips. It gives your rabbit some delicious little sweet flavors while eating his hay.

Dust-free hay for rabbits

This rabbit hay is also virtually dust-free, so it is good for your rabbit’s delicate airways and for the indoor climate of your home.

The benefits of the hay

  • provides varied rabbit diet
  • grinds the teeth
  • keeps the gut healthy
  • taste variation
  • climate-friendly drying
  • lots of vitamins



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