Foldable blue rabbit tunnel – play and activity


Blue foldable rabbit tunnel


Toys and activity for bunnies

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Blue Rabbit Tunnel – Fun toys for rabbits

Cute light blue rabbit tunnel for hide and seek and running play.

Here your rabbit can play and run through and hide in.

That is why rabbit toys are important

Rabbits need to be activated every day, otherwise they get bored and may make trubble, such as biting your furniture to pieces.

You can activate your rabbit in many ways. Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. For example, to run through and hide in tunnels of various kinds. In the wild, they have long tunnel systems underground, which connect their caves and where they hide and run back and forth to visit the caves of other rabbits.

Fun toys and activity for your rabbit.

Benefits of this rabbit tunnel

The tunnel can be folded so that it doesn’t take up much space when you’re not playing with it.

The blue foldable tunnel for rabbits has a hole in the middle so you can look in to the rabbit.

The hole also provides a more fun play experience for the pet.

If you have two tunnels, they can be connected to one long rabbit tunnel with 3 buttons and 3 fixed straps at each end.

This foldable blue rabbit tunnel is made of a steel spiral and lightweight nylon fabric in light blue so it doesn’t collapse.

It is 120 cm (47″) long and 24 cm (9.5″) in diameter.


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