Dust-free Hemp bedding – Cocoon

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Bright and deliciously soft dust-free hemp straw

For rabbits with delicate airways


Dust-free hemp bedding for rabbits’ delicate airways

Dust-free hemp bedding from Cocoon is virtually dust-free and therefore really good if your rabbit has delicate airways.

Cocoon is a natural product derived from the core of the hemp plant. It is grown in the Champagne region of France without the use of toxic pesticides or other toxins. It’s 100% biodegradable.

This hemp bedding is thoroughly extracted dust and free of toxic particles it is especially recommended for small pets suffering from respiratory problems.

At an absorption rate of 3.7 times its own weight in liquid, it can last three times longer than other bedding. Cocoon stays dry on the surface and helps prevent it from sticking to the legs of small pets and ensures optimal odor retention.

This hemp straw is nice soft to walk on for delicate paws.

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