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The crackle cave is really fun to play with

Rabbit toys with many uses


Fun crackling cave for rabbits

Really fun crackle cave for rabbits. This is a great piece of rabbit toy that can provide many hours of play and fun.

Rabbit toys with many uses

This toy can be used both as a toy, as a cozy cave and it can be zipped up and used as a crackling mat. It’s just a super piece of accessory for a rabbit.

It can be used as a tunnel for your rabbit to run through, and as a warm soft cave to sleep and enjoy, and it’s just so much fun when it says crackling sounds when you play in it.

This soft cave crackles and is great fun to play with. Your rabbit can spend many hours playing with it. Our own rabbits love this soft crackling cave. They use it both to play with and sleep in.

Practical crackle cave

Lots of good activity hours and fun for all kinds of rabbits. It can also be unzipped and unfolded to become a crackling sleeping mat. You can take it with you everywhere, so your rabbit always has both a cave to hide in, which it knows and feels comfortable with, and toys with it. If, for example, you are traveling.

The cavity can be washed at 30 degrees and air dried.

Dimensions : 32 x 23 cm

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