Closed hay rack for rabbits in red


Hay rack closed at top


for storing hay and green

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Closed rabbit hay rack in red

Closed hay rack for rabbitfood and hay. For storing feed such as hay and vegetables.

Keeps your rabbit’s food fresh and without dirt from the bottom of the cage.

Closed hay rack for rabbits, if you have a rabbit that likes to jump up in its hay rack, dettte is a good choice.

Lovely durable quality hay rack in red.

Remember that hay is the most important feed for rabbits

Use this closed hay hedge for your rabbit’s main feed. Your rabbit should have all the hay it wants every day. Wild rabbits eat many different grass species every day and they supplement with many different green weeds, branches from shrubs and flowers. Give your rabbit hay which consists of many grasses and other plants instead of hay with only one grass species. Then your rabbit will have a varied diet.

Advantages of this closed hay rack

  • Closed above for security
  • Keeps hay dry and clean
  • Sweet red color

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