Chamomile herb for rabbits


100g chamomile flowers for rabbits

Healthy and delicious snack


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Dried chamomile plants as feed supplements and snacks for rabbits

Delicious healthy chamomile flowers for rabbits from JR-farm.

They smell nice and taste great for rabbits. Chamomile has a calming effect.

Mix them in your rabbit’s daily hay. Our own rabbits love to sniff around in their hay and look for the little herbal surprises in there.

Switch between different herbs every day, to give your rabbit a more varied and natural diet, closer to the food of wild rabbits.

At Free The Bunny, we care deeply about the health and naturalness of rabbits. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that all our treats, snacks and herbs are healthy. We have nothing in the store that contains sugar, honey or yogurt or unhealthy additives.

Use chamomile herbs for rabbits like this

Use this chamomile herbal blend as a treat for your rabbit. Mix it in the hay to make the hay eating more exciting.

Give your rabbit a varied diet in the form of hay with many different grass species instead of just one grass variety. And with many natural plants and flowers from the field. And give the rabbit feed pellets with many grass species and herbs instead of corn, grains and soy based feed.

Jr-farm herbs

All Jr-farm rabbit herbs are without wheat and other grain products, also this type of jr-farm chamomile herb.

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