Carrot herb for rabbits


Green and healthy rabbit supplemental feed

Carrot herb for rabbits


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Healthy and green carrot tops for rabbits

The bag contains 75% healthy green carrot tops that are full of fiber, and 25% of the root, which gives a nice sweet delicious taste filled with beta carotene. This is healthy and natural rabbit food that a rabbit in nature would love.

Sprinkle it over your rabbit’s daily ration of hay to give your rabbit a more exciting eating experience. Our rabbits love to sniff around in the daily hay for the delicious herbs.

Please switch between different herbs from day to day so that your rabbit has a more varied and natural daily diet. Remember that wild rabbits eat different grass species and herbs, green leaves, flowers and twigs daily.

REMEMBER: We have no supplemental feed containing anything unhealthy like sugar, honey or synthetic additives.

Use these herbs like this

Use this herbal blend as a pampering for your rabbit and for extra health. Mix it in the hay to make the hay eating more exciting.

Give your rabbit a varied diet in the form of hay with many different grass species instead of just one grass variety. And with many weeds. And give the rabbit feed pellets with many grass species and herbs instead of feed based on grains and soy.

Jr-farm herbs

All Jr-farm rabbit herbs are free of cereals, honey and yoghurt also this type of jr-farm carrot herb.


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