Cardboard rabbit tunnel – For activation


Activation for your rabbit

Cardboard tunnel for rabbits

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Rabbit tunnel of non-toxic cardboard in sweet colors

Cardboard tunnel is a nice toy that your rabbit can hide in, run through as a tunnel or gnaw in.

Rabbits love tunnels, try this nice rabbit tunnel in cute colors.

Good activity for your rabbit.

The cardboard tunnel is 22 cm wide.

Therefore, it is good to activate rabbits

Rabbits need to be activated every day, otherwise they get bored and may make trubble, such as biting your furniture to pieces.

You can activate your rabbit in many ways. Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. For example, to run through and hide in tunnels of various kinds. In the wild, they have long tunnel systems underground, which connect their caves and where they hide and run back and forth to visit the caves of other rabbits.

Benefits of this cardboard tunnel

  • Gives your rabbit a hiding place
  • Gives your rabbit activation because it can gnaw at it
  • Non-toxic cardboard specially made for rabbits



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