Bunny nature sandbox for rabbit – Digging box


Sandbox for rabbit

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Rabbit sandbox for rabbit – Excavator box

The burrow box for dwarf rabbits is made by Bunny Nature

All rabbits like digging in sand or other material. Therefore, give your rabbit a nice sandbox.

Sandbox of birch wood for rabbits. The box comes unassembled and without filling, this is bought separately.

That is why rabbits dig

Wild rabbits, which are, after all, the ancestors of our pet rabbits, dig long tunnel systems underground, where they stay most of the day and at night. Here they feel safe from predators and bad weather. They’re sleeping, resting and having their kits down here. They have small caves underground and tunnels connecting them to each other. And always several different escape routes and exits that they can use at risk.

It’s just buried deep in their instincts to dig. If you do not already have a rabbit burrow box or rabbit sandbox, you will probably have seen your rabbit dig in carpets, pillows or something else, and thereby possibly destroyed the fabric. For that reason, rabbits also often dig at the bottom of their cage, on you and your clothes, or dig it into the floor. They simply can’t help it.

Use this digging material

We have sand from Bunny Nature you can buy for your digging box.

Why your rabbit needs a sandpit

  • Your rabbit meets its need to dig
  • It reduces stress
  • Activity makes happy
  • Counteracts boredom
  • It will not ruin your pillows and blankets or plants

Dimensions 50 x 39 x 19.5 cm

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