Bunny nature sand – Digging sand for rabbits


8 liters of digging sand for rabbits

Dust-free sand for rabbits

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Rabbit sand – Digging sand for your rabbit

Digging sand for rabbits from Bunny Nature

Dust-free rabbit sand. All rabbits like digging. Here is 8 liters of special sand made for rabbits.

Sand for rabbits that fits the digging box from Bunny Nature or if you have another sandbox for your rabbit.

That is why rabbits dig

Wild rabbits dig long tunnel systems underground. Here they sleep and have fun and they have their kids down here. They have small caves underground and tunnels connecting them to each other. And always several different escape routes and exits that they can use at risk. This instinct also lies in our house rabbits, therefore they love to dig and they also love tunnels.

If you do not already have a rabbit burrow box or rabbit sandbox, you will probably have seen your rabbit dig in carpets, pillows or something else, and thereby possibly destroyed the fabric. For that reason, rabbits also often dig at the bottom of their cage, on you and your clothes, or dig it into the floor. They simply can’t help it.

Why your rabbit needs a sandpit

  • Your rabbit needs digging
  • It reduces stress
  • Activity spreads happiness hormones in rabbits
  • Counteracts boredom
  • It will not ruin your furniture


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