Extra soft cotton rabbit litter


Super soft and absorbent natural product

Rabbit cage bedding

Counteracts paw sores

40 litres

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Extra soft cotton rabbit bedding

The best bedding for paw sores and delicate rabbit paws

This mega soft cotton rabbit litter is almost as soft as a pillow. Nice for delicate rabbit paws, and super absorbent. Use this litter for your rabbit toilet if you really want to pamper your rabbit and take care of its paws.

Rabbit bottom bedding for delicate paws

If your rabbit suffers from Sore hocks, then this rabbit bedding is an ideal choice. Cotton is a natural product and therefore extra gentle for delicate paws, and then it is as soft as a pillow to walk on.

Natural cage bedding for rabbits

Cotton bedding for the rabbit toilet is a 100% natural product. It is environmentally friendly and good for nature. This cage bedding for your rabbits can be thrown into the compost and decomposed in nature.

Bedding for rabbits against bad smell

This size for rabbits sucks in pee and bad smell. Cotton bedding is also virtually dust-free so it is good for your indoor climate and really good if your rabbit has delicate airways.

Benefits of this rabbit litter

  • Soft as a pillow
  • 100 % natural
  • Almost dust-free
  • Sucks urine and bad smell

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