Carpet – underlay for rabbit cage – 150x100cm – brown


Super soft brown plush blanket

150 x 100 cm


Brown underlay for rabbit cage – Carpet for rabbit base

100cm x 150cm

This is a brown soft underlay for rabbit cages. Perfect for free roam rabbits who have a home base eg in the form of an enclosure. The rug is brown and nice and soft to lie on. And it can be washed. Super nice carpet your rabbits will love. The underlay is made of soft plush fabric.

Therefore, your rabbit should have a soft rug

Rabbits do not have foot pads like other pets, so hard floors can put too much pressure under the feet, ultimately causing painful paw sores. Therefore, the floor should preferably be soft where your rabbit stays a lot.

The carpet compared to vetbed

These carpets are twice as big as the vetbed pieces, and more short-haired and with an edge, whereas vetbed are cut pieces.

They are short-haired and do not have a silicone base. But still lies firmly enough on the floor even if the rabbit jumps on it, as the rug is quite heavy compared to a rabbit.

Blankets for rabbits

This carpet is large and fits into most bases. You can place a fence on top of it. It is good to have a plastic underlay or similar under the rug to protect the floor from stains if your rabbit is not completely clean, the rug is not waterproof. We even use such transparent desks under our rugs.

We have a large selection of blankets and vetbed.

How to keep this underlay for rabbit cages

The rug can be easily vacuumed for poop and it can be washed at 40 degrees and air dried.

It must not get in the dryer.



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Weight 1.5 kg