Bridge for rabbit – Rabbit bridge for cage


Rabbit bridge

Ramp for the exit of the rabbit cage

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Bridge for rabbit – Ramp in natural wood with bark

The bridge for your rabbit is an indispensable equipment for your rabbit if it can not jump over obstacles. Rabbit ramp for rabbits who do not like to jump over the edge of the cage.

Rabbit bridge for cage

If your rabbit has a cage as its base and the door to the cage is open, it may still have trouble jumping out of or into the cage. This is totally normal. Maybe the floor is too slippery and it is afraid of slipping or maybe it just is not used to jumping over obstacles. Here, this rabbit ramp can help.

Bridge for rabbits – how to use it

Just place this bridge to the rabbit over the edge of the cage opening. Your rabbit can easily walk all the way up and down the ramp to the other side. Since there is bark on top of the ramp, the rabbit may feel extra safe when crossing because it is not slippery and it does not feel slippery. This bridge is therefore suitable for rabbits who are very afraid of jumping.

Of course, it can also be used for other obstacles.

Benefits of this ramp

  • Helps rabbits over obstacles
  • Rough bark top for extra sense of security

The dimensions of the rabbit bridge

ca 63 x 15 x 18 cm

Additional information

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