Black indoor rabbit playpen – 60cm


Black indoor rabbit playpen

The cage can be set up in many different ways

60 cm high


Black indoor playpen for rabbits

Cute décor for rabbit – 60 cm high

Are you looking for a black indoor rabbit playpen for your rabbits? Here we have cute and light rabbit fencing in black. This beautiful rabbit cage is convenient and really easy to set up. It’s already assembled when you get it.

The rabbit base can be set up in many different ways. E.g. in an 8-edge, a 4-edge or along the wall.

The enclosure consists of 8 panels, each of which is about 70cm wide and 60cm high

Playpen for rabbits

The rabbit running yard here is a really cute and nice rabbit home base, where your rabbit can have all his things such as the poop tray, a house and food bowls. This cage, or enclosure, provides a safe demarcation for your rabbit.

Make yourself a nice decorated home for your rabbit with cute rabbit furniture.

New rabbit

If you’ve just got a new rabbit and it doesn’t have a clearly demarcated area that’s the rabbit’s place, it may be too overwhelmed or scared. Therefore, we always recommend keeping a new rabbit in, for example, this indoor yard for rabbits the first week or at least a few days. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace. Then open the cage when it feels safe and relaxed and shows interest in you.

Build yourself a huge indoor running yard

If you acquire 2 or maybe even 3 enclosures, you can make a huge indoor running yard for your rabbits. Here you can have many tunnels, houses, digging boxes, toilets, etc. Perfect if you have several rabbits or they only need to be partially free-ranging.

(The cage in the pictures is 76 cm high)


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Weight 10 kg