Black hay rack with lid – clean and dry hay


Hay rack black with lid

Store your rabbit’s feed like hay and greens

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Black hay rack with lid for safety

This black hay hedge with a lid prevents your pet from eating hay with pee and dirt on it. The lid is good if you have a rabbit in the habit of jumping up in the hay rack. It provides extra security. Store the rabbit’s hay and greens above ground. Let your rabbit eat fresh hay and other green feed of this hay hedge.

Rabbit hay hedge with safety lid for extra safety

The hay hedge can be easily and simply hung on the fence. It can be hung both inside and outside the cage or your rabbit’s enclosure, depending on what you like best.

You can combine the hay with some of your rabbit’s herbs, fresh greens and grass from nature or salad.

17 x 18 x 12 cm

Advantages of this rabbit hay rack

  • Keeps the hay clean without pee and poop
  • can be easily hung up outside and inside the enclosure
  • nice black color
  • perfect size for rabbits
  • The lid prevents your rabbit from jumping into it

Remember that hay is the most important food for a rabbit

Your rabbit should have access to as much fresh hay every day as it can eat. Hay is the rabbit’s main food. Wild rabbits eat many different grass species every day. In addition, the rabbits also eat many different green plants, branches and flowers. Give your rabbit hay which consists of many grass species and natural green plants instead of hay with only one grass species. That way, your rabbit gets a natural and varied diet. Use this hay hedge with a lid to feed your rabbit.

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