Black bunny hay rack – clean and dry hay


Hay rack black

Store your rabbit’s feed like hay and greens

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Black bunny hay rack to mount on grid

Rabbit hay racks prevent your pet from eating hay with pee and dirt on it. Black hay racks store rabbit hay and green above ground. Let your rabbit eat fresh hay and other green feed from this black hay rack. For example, it fits very well with our black enclosures for rabbits.

Benefits of the black rabbit hay rack

  • can be hung up outside and inside the enclosure
  • nice black color
  • perfect size for rabbits
  • keeps hay clean of urine and bacteria

Black hay rack for clean hay

Keeps the hay in place so it does not get dirty when your rabbit walks on it.

Not only do you give your rabbit its hay in it, but also use it for green feed from nature or fresh salad.

Hay is the rabbit’s most important food

Remember your rabbit should have access to as much fresh hay every day as it wants. Hay is the most important feed you should give your rabbit. It’s the main feed. Wild rabbits eat many different grass species every day. In addition, the rabbits also eat many different green plants and flowers. Your rabbit’s hay should reflect this. Give your rabbit hay which consists of many grass species and natural herbs instead of hay with only one grass species. That way, your rabbit gets a natural and varied diet.


  • 7.8 inch long


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