Large pillow for giant rabbits


Large thick pillow in robust fabric – Gray

For giant rabbits

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Large pillow for giant rabbits

Large pillow for giant rabbits or many rabbits. We have many cute rabbit things for sale here. Delicious luxurious grey pillow in thick furniture fabric. The pillow is grey and super nice. Fits style large rabbits.

Cute pillow for giant rabbits

The pillow is gray and fits into most homes. It is soft to lie on but not too soft, so it gives a safe feeling to walk on because it is relatively firm.

Practical rabbit pillow

The pillow has a strap at the front, so you can easily take the pillow with you in the car or in another room. The pillow is also good if you have many rabbits who like to lie together.

Pillow dimensions

68 cm x 55 cm large cushion

Rabbit stuff for sale for fights

We have many cute rabbit things for sale, and of course must also have something for the lovely giant rabbits. We also have large giant feeding bowls and large rabbit toilets. We will continuously expand our range for giant bunnies as well.

Decorate a good rabbit area with cute rabbit stuff

Free roam bunnies should have a base where they have all their stuff. It can be a large enclosure or an open cage, or just a corner in the living room. Cages and enclosures are especially good if there are children and other animals in the house so the rabbit can have peace and quiet in its home base. Decorate the play area with cute furniture for rabbits, toilets, toys and food bowls.

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