Bee friendly hay in edible box for rabbits

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Healthy hay for the environment and rabbit

Fun activation and cozy house

1kg hay

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Environment friendly Hay and edible house for rabbits

With this hay for your rabbit, we give our contribution to an intact insect world, because the meadows with this hay will not be cut until June 15.

Because there are the colorful wildflowers, grasses and herbs in full bloom, and the insects and bees can romp in this fragrant natural field.

The hay is particularly rich in raw fibers and contains a lot of herbs due to its long growing period.

Thus, unlike the growing monocultures, new and natural habitats are created for all insects and bees. The rich food supply from this unique habitat also provides bumblebees, butterflies and their friends pollen and nectar. The hay with natural herbs for the rabbit is carefully sun-dried before being packed in the natural cardboard box, which for sustainability reasons consists of 23% grass.


The bee-friendly hay is packed 100% plastic-free and the grass patch (wrapping) is stamped with a natural green color. The rabbit house has holes that can be easily cut out, and cardboard can be used directly as a hay hedge or as a playhouse that can be gnawn in.

Ps. The less intensive green color of the hay is due to the high raw fiber content, which is important for all dwarf rabbits and small animals for the natural dental cleaning and healthy digestion.

At Bunny and Cat we want to promote the health of rabbits, therefore all our hay contains many different grass varieties and green plants and flowers. It’s better than hay with only one kind of grass. This is more like the food of wild rabbits, which after all feed on many grass species, green leaves, flowers and twigs every day. Please switch between different hay to reduce an overly monotonous diet for your rabbit. Remember also to add various herbs and vegetables.

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