Bed, sofa and cave for rabbit – 3 in 1


Light brown cave or basket

for smaller rabbits

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Lovely tan colored 3in1 cave for rabbit

Lovely soft cave for rabbit with teddy plush inside. Convenient and nice cave that has several functions.

The rabbit hole can be folded out like a sofa or folded into each other like a basket.


50 x 30 x 35 cm

Here rabbit your rabbit sleep in peace and quiet

Your rabbit will love this piece of rabbit gear in its cage or enclosure. You can give your rabbit just the sleeping space it likes best. Whether it prefers to hide or be freely available.

3 in 1 rabbit product

  • Bunny cave
  • Couch for bunnies
  • Bunny basket

Why you need a cave for your rabbit

Rabbits love caves and tunnels. Feel free to decorate your rabbit living area with good hiding places, houses, caves and tunnels. That way you will make it look like the life of the wild rabbits and your bun will love it. Wild rabbits live in their caves underground most of the day. Between the caves, they make long complex tunnel systems so they can visit each other. Underground, they feel safe from bad weather and predators.

Washable rabbit equipment is convenient

It can be washed at 40 degrees and air dried. Remember to turn it inside out for some time while it dries.


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