Ball pool for rabbits – Rabbit digging box with balls


Ball pit where rabbits can dig for treats

Alternative digging box without sand

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Ball pool for rabbits – Rabbit digging box with pastel-colored balls

Fun toy for your rabbit and cute interior for the living room

Alternative rabbit digging box with balls. This ball pit for rabbits is made of shockproof polycarbonate. When it’s shockproof, it means it’s very hard to break.

It is as transparent and clear as glass, but durable and very hard. It is also often used as an alternative to windows glass.

The material is suitable for human food, and can be recycled.

Alternative rabbit digging box

This soft ball pool is a great piece of rabbit toys. Your rabbit has a natural dugout in it. Wild rabbits dig long tunnels and caves underground. They always have several escape routes around the caves, so they are always ready to escape danger. The rabbits also use digging tracks to mark territories for each other. If pet rabbits don’t get an excavator box, they’re likely to dig elsewhere, such as in your carpet or houseplants. With this excavator with balls instead of sand, you will have a nice gift toy without mess in the living room.

How to use the Ball pit

Save your rabbit’s favorite snacks between the balls and let it exert its digging instincts, without the mess from sand all over the floor.

This is a really nice looking piece of toy to have in the living room.

About 100 pastel-coloured balls are covered for young children. The balls are soft so the rabbits paws don’t get stuck during play.

Start by taking 30 of the balls in the box and store the rabbit’s snacks at the bottom where it can look for them and gradually put more balls in.

The smaller your rabbit, the fewer balls it should have.

That way, your rabbit won’t be overwhelmed by too many balls until it’s gotten used to them.

All edges and corners are completely rounded so your pet (and yourself) can’t get hurt when you bump into it.

Cleaning the basin is done with a cloth, lukewarm water and ordinary all-purpose detergents.

The box’s measures

The box is large and spacious also for slightly larger rabbits (but not quite big enough for giants).

60cm long x 40cm wide x 35cm tall (23.6″ x 15.7″ x 13.7″)

The product is designed and manufactured in Denmark

If you want to know more about rabbits’ natural behavior, read this book:

The Private lafe of the rabbit: An Account Of The Life History And Social Behavior Of The Wild Rabbit

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