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Activity blanket for rabbits – Back to Instinct – Digging blanket

Are you looking for a fun digging blanket for rabbits? Here is a hemp mat with hay on, in an edible box made of edible natural fibers where your rabbit can dig and sniff around to find hidden delicacies. All natural. Here they can be activated in a natural way. Play and treats in one product. The treats are different drops with herbs and vegetables.

A super good accessory for rabbits that prevents boredom.

Therefore, it is good with a snuffle mat for rabbits

Your rabbit needs to be activated every day, otherwise it gets bored, and may find itself making trouble in the home, and may ruin your furniture.

You can activate your rabbit in many ways, and activity toys can help you along the way. Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into, make it look for food or give something to gnaw on.

This activity blanket for rabbits can give your rabbit satisfaction in all three areas: searching for food, digging and gnawing.

The treats in the digging blanket for rabbits contain:

peas, carrots 11.2%, starch, parsley 4%, dandelion 3.5%, beets 2.5%, Lancet, Timothy grass, nettle, dog grass, smooth-stalked rapeseed, oatmeal, beet clover, meadow wing, lion’s foot

There are no synthetic colors or flavors. There is also no sugar or honey in the product.


protein 16.3%, fat content 4.9%, wood material 9.3%, raw ash 4.8%;

Dimensions: 37.5 x 55cm


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