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  • Rabbit toy – Play gym with endless possibilities

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    Ball pool for rabbits – Rabbit digging box with balls

  • Rabbit digging box – Rabbit diggigng box

  • Grass ball with bell – activation for rabbits

  • Rabbit enrichment toy – hide pellets under the cones

  • Crackle cave for rabbits – Rabbit toys

  • Red ball for rabbits – for snacks and play

  • Edible house for rabbits – Rabbit activation

  • Large tunnel for rabbits – made of delicious grass

  • Turn around – Toy for rabbit

  • Herb bed with Flowers – rabbits – toys – activity

  • Herb bed with Flowers from JR Farm for rabbits (Kopier)


Rabbit toys and activity

On this page you will find our selection of rabbit toys and rabbit activity toys. We have a large selection of accessories for rabbits. For example, a rabbit tunnel is a must or what with a nice digging box for your rabbit. Rabbit activities can be rabbit toys like throwing things or something they can gnaw on.

Rabbit activities

It is important that the rabbit is activated so that it does not get bored and starts gnawing on unwanted things in the home. Rabbit activities can, for example, be something they can gnaw on, dig in or snoop around in and look for treats.

Rabbit toys

We have a wide selection of different rabbit toys. For example, throwing toys, which consist of rings with small pendants that rattle when it throws around with it. And tiring with natural cords it can gnaw in puzzle around with. Or small bowls you can stack and put small treats in.

Digging box rabbit

Here you can also see our different versions of digging boxes, with different digging material for your rabbit. It is a natural and instinctive need your rabbit has to dig. In the wild, they dig passages and caves in the ground where they live for most of their daily lives. Then find your favorite digging box for your rabbit here.

Rabbit tunnel

We also have a nice selection of tunnels in different materials you can choose from. Rabbits love to run through a good rabbit tunnel.

Rabbit Activity Toys

It is a good idea to activate your rabbit so that it does not get bored. Have a selection of toys lying around. Give the rabbit some of the toy, and after a while, when it no longer shows interest in it, save it away again. Take it out again after a few weeks, then it’s like new again.

Bunny toy

We love finding new things for the rabbit shop so we get more things into the shop all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of rabbit accessories and rabbit toys for your rabbit.


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