Rabbit Carpets

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  • Round carpet for rabbits – blue-gray rabbit

    390 DKK
  • Soft carpet – vetbed – black

    145 DKK
  • Soft rabbit carpet – non-slip bottom – Grey

    145 DKK
  • Vet bed – 75×100 cm – for pets – Pink

    145 DKK
  • Vetbed for pets – leopard 100x75cm

    145 DKK
  • Vetbed for rabbits and dogs – carpet with giraffe pattern

    145 DKK

Rabbit Carpets for the Base

Here are some rugs for your rabbit base. Rabbits should like to have a soft surface to walk on to protect their paws. Rabbits do not have soft foot pads like dogs and cats, so they should have blankets where they stay the most. For example in the rabbit base. Rabbits may otherwise suffer from paw sores.

Vetbed for rabbits

Vet beds are actually made for dogs, but they are also super good for rabbits. We have vetbed pieces in different colors. They are mega soft and fluffy. They can be washed at 30 degrees and air dried.

Carpets for the rabbit enclosure

We also have a number of other rugs for rabbits. We love rabbit decor, so there will be a changing cute selection of rugs for the rabbit base in here.

< Frikanin</€

We have our original Bunny and cat furniture for frikanin. You will find it under Kaninbase decor in the menu. In addition to carpets and vetbed for rabbits, you can find large wooden houses and collection sets in the form of caves of wood which can be assembled together with black tunnels in an infinite number of different ways. Perfect for your rabbit’s base. Of course, you can also find enclosures and large cages on this page under the menu Rabbit cages and enclosures.

Bring a cute rabbit home for indoor rabbits.


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