Rabbit Bedding and Hygiene

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  • Base for rabbit enclosure – Poop tray

    260 DKK
  • Dust-free Hemp bedding – Cocoon

    95 DKK
  • Extra soft cotton bedding for rabbits

    135 DKK
  • Natural quality wood shavings with citrus scent 4 kg

    54 DKK
  • Rabbit bedding – Wood pellets – 6kg

    79 DKK
  • Smaller Litter Tray or Rabbit Toilet – Blue

    85 DKK

Rabbit Bedding and Hygiene

We have a number of environmentally friendly hygiene products for cleaning cages, trays and rabbit toilets. All detergents are non-toxic so your rabbit can safely come back and root in its stuff without the danger of coming into contact with toxins. They are also environmentally friendly. Good for nature and good for your pet.

Rabbit Bedding

Here’s also various sustainable bottom litter for your rabbit tray or toilet area. Or to the bottom of the cage. All our bedding is naturally made and without toxins. So, your rabbit has a completely clean and non-toxic area. The rabbit litter is also dust-free, so no dust grains enter the rabbit’s respiratory tract and bother.

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