Rabbit Tray, Bedding and Hygiene

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  • Two-sided Eco-friendly brush

  • Wood pellets for rabbit cages – 6kg bedding for rabbits


Rabbit toilet, Bedding and Hygiene

On this page you will find rabbit toilets, bedding for rabbits and hygiene products such as brushes. Choose a bottom bedding for rabbit that suits your rabbit’s needs and put it in your rabbit toilet. Put the hay near your rabbit toilet tray for extra coziness.

Rabbit toilet

We have some different rabbit toilets. Then choose the rabbit toilet that suits your needs. We have both large black square trays and small cat trays that you can use for your rabbit. We also have a closed rabbit toilet if you want to avoid the smell and sight.

Bedding for rabbits

Here are also various sustainable cage bedding for your rabbit tray or toilet area. Or for the bottom of the cage. All our bedding is environmentally friendly and free of toxins. So your rabbit has a completely clean and non-toxic area. Our bedding for rabbits is also dust-free, so that no dust grains enter the rabbit’s airways.

Tray bedding for rabbits

We have different tray bedding for rabbits. We have wood pellets for rabbit cages which keep the toilet area clean and dry. Hemp bedding for rabbits is softer than shavings and has a good absorbency. Rabbit shavings with citrus scent counteract insect visits.

Toilet with hay rack

Make a real cozy toilet for your rabbit. Rabbits love to eat while pooping. Place hay near your rabbit toilet tray and create coziness around your rabbit.


We have a range of environmentally friendly hygiene products, for cleaning cages, trays and rabbit toilets. All cleaning products are non-toxic, so your rabbit can safely come back and mess with his things without the risk of coming into contact with toxins. They are also eco friendly. Good for nature and good for your pet.

Brushes for fur care

Rabbit hygiejne stuff on this page:

  • Rabbit toilets
  • Rabbit bedding
  • Cleaning
  • Brushes

We have just started our rabbit shop up so we get more things into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of things for your rabbit.


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