Rabbit Snacks, Herbs and Supplements

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Rabbit Treats, Rabbit Herbs and Supplements

On this page you will find healthy rabbit treats for rewards, rabbit snacks and supplements. Find a healthy rabbit snack here, because we do not sell anything with sugar, honey, yoghurt or synthetic additives. Only pure natural healthy treats and herbs. All snacks are without sugar.

Healthy snack for rabbit

We all want to give our sweet rabbit snacks, and here you have the opportunity to choose from a lot of delicious and healthy delicacies without wheat and sugar. We deselect all the many treats for rabbits that are on the market, which contain harmful additives and sugar, so you can safely find your rabbit’s favorite treats on this page. Healthy snack for rabbit.

Rabbit herbs

That is why we have chosen to have many rabbit herbs for rabbits in our shop: Our pet rabbits have the same DNA as rabbits in the wild. Therefore, they also have the same nutritional needs. Wild rabbits eat various grasses and a lot of herbs, weeds, green leaves, flowers and branches from trees and shrubs. We have a lot of herbal mixtures with flowers here in our rabbit shop, because we believe that next to hay of good quality, herbs are simply some of the best you can give your rabbit. And our rabbits love herbs. It’s just healthy and real rabbit food. And then of course they do not contain sugar and grains either.

Sugar rabbit treats

You can use the healthy rabbit treats to your advantage when you want to train your rabbit. Or if you just want to pamper your little bunny beyond all bounds. All our treats for rabbits have health-promoting properties and consist of plants, without additives and cheap fillers such as wheat. We only want healthy rabbit treats made from herbs and flowers and some vegetables. All treats are sugar free.

Natural rabbit snacks – sugar free

We sell exclusively natural rabbit snacks. Bunny snacks without sugar or molasse.

Rabbit supplement

On this page you will also find rabbit supplements for various problems. And supplements for extra health promotion.

We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more things into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of items for your rabbit.


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