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  • Rabbit toy – Play gym with endless possibilities

  • Sale!

    Ball pool for rabbits – Rabbit digging box with balls

  • Bridge for rabbit – Rabbit bridge for cage

  • Duvet and pillow for rabbit bed

  • Rabbit digging box – Rabbit diggigng box

  • Rabbit house with ears

  • Bunny Bed – Cute little bed for rabbits

  • Organic bedding for rabbit bed – Crazy bun lady

  • Bedding with green and white rabbits for rabbit bed

  • Bedding for rabbit – Bambi and Thumper

  • Bedding for rabbit bed with cars

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed – purple with rabbits and flowers

  • Bedding for rabbit bed pink rabbit heads

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed with light blue Inative bunnies

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed with Pink native rabbits


Rabbit Home Base Decor –

Furniture for a cute rabbit home

Rabbit home base decor with cute furniture for rabbits. If you are looking for unique rabbit stuff, you are in the right place, here is everything you need for decorating your rabbit cage. For example, our popular rabbit bed with bedding, rabbit houses and other accessories for rabbits.

We are constantly getting new things for our rabbit shop. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of items for your rabbit.

Rabbit home base

On this page, we have everything you and your rabbit can wish for from the interior of a lovely rabbit home. Especially things for free roam rabbits who live freely in the apartment and who have a rabbit home base in the form of, for example, a fence with all the rabbit’s things.

Here you can find our own manufactured rabbit houses and furniture in gnaw-free wood from natural materials.

Furnishing of rabbit cage

A home base for rabbits is, for example, a large rabbit cage or enclosure where the rabbit can go in and out freely, and which is the rabbit’s territory. Here the rabbit has his things like a house, a digging box, a toilet and his food. We go to great lengths to find and make cute things for the indoor rabbit area. We think decorating a rabbit cage should be fun with all the cute rabbit things you can find.

Rabbit houses

We have made a number of rabbit houses ourselves because we lacked some options in the market to buy cute houses for our own bunnies. Rabbits also love tunnels, so we have made a house – tunnel system for dwarf rabbits.

Decorate your rabbit living area with wooden furniture specially made for rabbits. Eg. A house with rabbit ears. We make our own digging boxes and houses with tunnels in between. Then you can build your own little village for your rabbits.

Rabbit bed

Our rabbit bed that we make ourselves is incredibly popular. We also design our own rabbit bedding.

Non-toxic rabbit accessories

All our accessories for rabbits are made of non-toxic safe materials, so you can safely give it to your rabbit. Of course, all paint used during manufacture is also free of toxins. All our furniture is made for indoor decoration of rabbit rest areas or rabbit rooms, which are safe to use for humans. All wooden things are made of hard wood that your rabbit can not gnaw to pieces.

Here on this pages are available:

  • Rabbit houses
  • Rabbit bed
  • Digging boxes
  • Tunnels
  • Pillows for the houses
  • Bedding for rabbit bed
  • Bunny Play gym

Free roam rabbits

We have our original Free The Bunny furniture for rabbits that roam free. Here you can find large wooden houses and collection sets in the form of wooden caves which can be assembled together with black tunnels in an infinite number of different ways, which can be adapted to any living situation. Perfect rabbit play area. Depending on how much space your rabbit needs to take up in the living room. It simulates caves and tunnels wild rabbits have underground.

Get a cute rabbit home for indoor rabbits.


Free The Bunny