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  • Bunny Nature – Rabbit food junior – rabbit pills for young rabbits

  • Fresh green hay with 18 different grasses and plants

  • Grainless Complete Dwarf Rabbit – Rabbit Feed – Food for bunnies

  • Grainless Health – Food for rabbits – House bunny diet

  • Grainless One – Bunny Feed – Food for rabbit – blocks

  • Hay with many grass species and fiber-rich nettles

  • Hay with many grass species and added flowers

  • Hay with many grass species and added dandelions 1.5 kg

  • Hay with many grass species with added protein-rich clover

  • Organic rabbit hay – Really good quality hay


Rabbit feed and Rabbit hay

Are you looking for healthy rabbit food? Here you will find grain-free rabbit feed and rabbit hay of the best quality. Real free roam rabbit food and super food hay.

Rabbit feed

Many people think that feed pellets are a rabbit’s basic food, but this is actually not true. In fact, hay is the rabbit’s main food. The majority of the food the wild rabbits in the wild eat is actually grass, both fresh and dry grass, depending on the season and what is available. When they have filled their stomachs with grass / hay, and quenched the worst hunger, they eat herbs, green leaves, flowers, fresh  and bark. This should then be your rabbit’s supplemental feed.

The best food for bunnies

Det best food for bunnies is something that resembles the wild rabbits food. Det grass wild rabbits eat should be replaced wild hay that consist of many grass spices and with wild weeds and flowers growing in between. Not hay that only consist of one grass type without weeds. And the pellets should consist of grass and herbs for the most part, and not soy, whey and corn. Supply feeding with herb blends, fresh greens and branches or vegebles in vinter.

Online rabbit store with natural and healthy feed

On this page you will find all our carefully selected healthy rabbit hay and grain-free feed that is delicious and healthy, and as close to the wild rabbits’ food as possible. We just started the rabbit shop up so we get more things into the online shop all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of items for your rabbit.

We sell exclusively rabbit feed with many grass varieties, many green plants and flowers. And none of our feed for rabbits consists of corn, wheat or soy !!!

Rabbit hay

On this page you can find the different varieties of rabbit hay and hay mixtures we can offer. It is important that the hay is of good quality, as it is the rabbit’s main food. If it has lain for too long, or is exposed to direct sun for a long time, it loses some of the good vitamins and other nutrients it contains. It should preferably smell good of grass. It is best if it consists of different grasses, so your rabbit for nice varied diet. Here you can find delicious organic hay, and quality hay with eg clover or herbs. Lucerne hay is very nutritious and should not be given alone, but nice supplement mixed with other kinds of hay. Feel free to give your rabbit a mix of several kinds or switch between brands.

We sell almost exclusively hay which consists of many kinds of grass and natural weeds and flowers. Not just ONE kind of grass. For a varied rabbit diet.

Free roam rabbit food

Holding free roam rabbits is about giving your rabbit a more lifelike life with lots of space and activity instead of keeping it in a small cage. You can also do this with the feed. Real free roam bunny food should include what rabbits eat in the wild: many grass species, green wild plants and flowers and branches.

Healthy feed for rabbits

You can keep rabbits completely without giving them feed pellets. But it requires a lot, and it is easy to give them feed pellets, which is why we have selected the best pellets on the market. In fact, many pellets are made from cheap waste products from industry as parts of grains, soy and corn which are processed so much that they are difficult to digest. When the feed pellets are of good quality, they are made from green plants, which are the rabbit’s natural food, and not from wheat or corn. They are cold pressed so that they retain vitamins, and care has been taken that the plants are not crushed too much, thereby destroying their cellulose structure. And of course without added grains, soy, sugar / molasses, dyes and synthetic flavors.

Good hay

Good hay contains many different grasses, natural weeds and flowers. It is greenish and lies loosely in the bag to retain the original fiber structure of the plants. And it smells of grass.

Structural feed

A really good and healthy alternative to pellets is structural feed. It is dried whole plant parts quite simply. When the plants or large plant parts are dried, it retains the long cellulose structure, which is good for the rabbit’s digestion. On this page you will find our delicious selection of real rabbit food. Health-promoting compound feed of dried leaves, vegetables and herbs. Delicious. Everything your rabbit needs for a long and healthy life.


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