Rabbit Caves, Baskets and Cushions

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Rabbit Caves, Baskets and Pillows

Soft sleeping places for bunnies

Cozy rabbit accessory for sale. Need a soft rabbit cave, rabbit pillow or rabbit basket. On this page we have things for rabbits in the form of cute and soft little caves or pillows so that your rabbit can really dream sweet. We also have a rabbit sofa. Fill your rabbits indoor home area with cozy rabbit things.

We just started the bunny shop, so we get more stuff into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of cushions, baskets and caves for your rabbit.

Rabbit cushions

Need a rabbit cushion. We have many find soft and hard pillows for rabbits. Affordable pillows or pee pads. We also have some rabbit pillows in our own design. Or how about a rabbit couch.

Rabbit baskets

Here you can also find a soft rabbit basket. We have many cheap and soft baskets for rabbits. We love rabbit decor, so the selection is large.

Rabbit caves

Find your new soft rabbit den on this page. It is good to have several caves for his rabbits so they can hide in different places in the house.

Decorating your rabbit cage

Of course, a home base for rabbits also contains a tray for poop. We have large cages and enclosures here, where your rabbit can have all his things. So decorating the rabbit cage will be fun with all the cute rabbit things in the form of caves and baskets you can find.

Cozy rabbit stuff for the home base

Make a cozy rabbit base with rabbit things like houses, caves, pillows, an digging box, toilet tray and food bowls. Here you will find things for rabbits that promote the feeling of coziness and with lots of cute designs that fit into your home.

Things for rabbits you will find here on the site

  • Rabbit caves
  • Pillows for rabbit
  • Rabbit basket
  • Sofa for rabbits

Rabbit accessories for sale here in the store

We have our original Free The Bunny furniture for free roaming rabbits. You will find it under furniture in the menu. In addition to caves for rabbits, pillows and baskets for rabbits, you can find large wooden houses and assembly kits in the form of wooden houses which can be assembled together with black tunnels in an infinite number of different ways. Perfect for your rabbit’s play area. It simulates rabbit caves and tunnels wild rabbits have underground. We have lots of rabbit accessories for sale intended for free roaming only.

Bring a cute rabbit home for indoor rabbits.


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