Rabbit Cages and Enclosures

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  • High indoor cage for rabbits – black – 107 cm

  • Rabbit enclosure indoors – Pink free rabbit playpen

  • Rabbit cage indoors – blue – rabbit home base

  • Covered enclosure for rabbits – Perfect for garden

  • Black indoor rabbit playpen – 60cm

  • Black rabbit pen indoors – 76 cm high

  • Rabbit enclosure – Metal coloured 60, 80, 100, 120 cm high

  • Large cage for rabbit with bottom – Luxury rabbit cage – black

  • Rabbit cage XL – Black – 60, 80, 100, 120 cm high

  • Outdoor cage for rabbit – running yard for rabbits outdoors

  • Outdoor rabbit house – with two floors


Rabbit cages and rabbit enclosures

If you are looking for large rabbit playpen or rabbit enclosures then you are on the right page. Here we have rabbit cages for sale that you can put together in many different ways. Rabbit cages for indoor use or a rabbit cage for outdoor use. You can also build your own rabbit yard. Here’s all you need to style your indoor rabbit home base.

A traditional indoor rabbit cage – no thanks

We have opted out of selling traditional rodent cages for rabbits on this page. So you will not be able to find them. The cages are simply too small for the rabbit to have a good life in such an indoor rabbit cage. And we also advise against locking the rabbit inside the cage. Give it a large rabbit run, but make sure your bunny can come out of it most of the time to be a part of the families daily life.

Rabbit home base

A rabbit home base is, in short, where the rabbit has all its things. This is where it most often sleeps, eats and makes poops. Some have a cage or enclosure with fitted toilet, sleeping area and food bowl. Some have a wooden house furnished with sleeping space and others again have just a corner in the living room.

Large rabbit enclosures

Our large rabbit cages for indoor use, with the exception of a single cage, are probably closer to enclosures. Bottom and top are not included with these rabbit enclosures. They can be lined up in different ways. You can place them in a square or place it in an oblong shape or so that they follow a corner. Depending on how it best fits into your home decor.

Rabbit running yard

If you acquire 2 or maybe even 3 enclosures you can make a large indoor running yard for your rabbits. If for some reason you do not want a completely free rabbit in the apartment or house, perhaps for security reasons or something else. Then we can recommend making a huge rabbit yard in the living room or somewhere else in the house where the rabbits can have plenty of space to run. Here you can make many small houses, hiding places and tunnels. However, remember to take the rabbit out every day anyway. That way, you can keep partially free rabbits.

Indoor rabbit play area for free roaming

We have large cages and enclosures so you can keep all or part of the free roam bunny. Ie. one can keep the rabbit in a large enclosure with exit every day or have completely free-ranging rabbit in the house. Not only is it of course nice for the rabbit to have a lot of space, but you also get so much more joy out of your pet.

Rabbit play pen

We offer rabbit play pens that should be open most of the time so that your rabbit becomes part of the family. But it can be nice for the rabbit to have a free space where it feels it can have undisturbed time to itself, it reduces stress if you have children, for example. That is why we offer rabbit home bases in the form of enclosures.

Free roam rabbits fencing

We have kept rabbits indoors for many years. We had a free roam rabbit who had no cage but just a corner with his stuff in the past. After we had our little son, however, we have a fence in the living room that is always open. The enclosure is child-free zone where the rabbits have peace.

Rabbit cage outdoor

Need to use a rabbit cage for outdoor use. We also have some different cages for use in the garden. Outdoor rabbit cages and enclosures of various kinds, for use on a nice sunny day out in the garden. Remember that your rabbit must always be in the shade and that they can dig themselves out of enclosures if they are left unguarded for a long time. So always bring your rabbit in at night, also to protect against predators.

Rabbit equipment for the cage

Remember that the cages for rabbits must have a rabbit tray tray. They should have place with bedding where they can go to the toilet. We have some trays for the cage in different sizes. It is also a good idea to protect the floor in the enclosure with, for example, washable rag rugs or linoleum floors. Rabbit paws are intended for walking on soil and grass, they can be damaged by only having a hard wooden floor to walk on.

We are constantly expanding the range in our rabbit shop, so stop by on a regular basis and see fun and cute news for rabbits. Also see for new rabbit pen in here.


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