Rabbit Bowls, Hay racks and water bottles

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  • Bamboo feeding bowl rabbit – plastic free – Beige

  • Bamboo feed bowl rabbit – environmentally friendly without PVC – Blue / gray

  • Bamboo food bowl for rabbit – Without plastic – Black

  • Food Bowl with scale for Cats and Rabbits from Petkit – White

  • White and pink rabbit feeding bowl in porcelain

  • Rabbit drinking bottle in glass 500 ml

  • Rabbit food bowl with two cute rabbits – Yellow

  • Rabbit bowls – Feeding bowl for rabbit food

  • Closed hay rack for rabbits in red

  • Feed bowls for rabbits with slow food – white


Rabbit Bowls, Hay racks and Water bottles

Do you want completely unique rabbit bowls or hay racks for rabbits. Here you can find a completely unique food bowls for rabbits. Here is our selection of fun, cute and eco-friendly feed bowls and hay racks for bunnies. We also have a drinking bottles for rabbits or a water dispenser if your rabbit does not want to drink from a water bottle.

We have just started up the rabbit web shop so we get more things into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of items for your rabbit.

Rabbit food bowls

Rabbit food bowls in many different sizes, materials and designs. We have a wide selection of different rabbit feeding bowls. Here you will find i.a. bamboo rabbit bowls. Or how about a really cute porcelain bowl with rabbit motifs. There are also food bowls with built-in weight if you, for example, have an overweight rabbit and would like to measure how many feed pellets it consumes. There is something for everyone to suit your style.

Environmentally friendly rabbit bowls

Our environmentally friendly rabbit bowls are available in 3 lovely colors; light blue / gray, beige and black. They are harder than bowls made of ordinary plastic. Bamboo rabbit feeding bowls are strong and durable and can be put in the dishwasher.

Rabbit drinking bottle

Need a rabbit drinking bottle. We have some different fine and practical water bottles. They are smart because there can be no dirt getting into the water as it can with water bowls. On the other hand, not as much water comes out of a water bottle as your rabbit can drink from a bowl. So if your rabbit is not drinking enough, it is best with a water dispenser or a bowl of water. Getting your rabbit plenty of water is a drinking bottle for rabbit fine.

Hayrack for bunny

Do you need a rabbit hay rack? We have a wide (coming) selection of different hay hedges for rabbits in different sizes and materials. So you can adapt the hay intake to your needs. Remember that rabbits like to make poop where they eat their hay. Out in nature, they like to lay their poops while grazing outside the cave. In part, they do not mess with the feces inside the cave and then it also marks their territory. We also have some alternative hay hedges in the form of hay bags which are made of fabric.

Is it dangerous for rabbits to have an open hay rack

In some forums in Germany, it should reportedly be dangerous for rabbits to have a hay rack open above. Of course, we do not want to sell anything that is dangerous, as we love rabbits. That is why we have made this rabbit shop. Because we want the best for all rabbits.

For this reason, we have written to 3 different veterinarians, all of whom have a continuing education specializing in rabbits. Because we also do not just want to follow every trend that abounds online. These 3 rabbit- veterinarians get many rabbits through their practice.

We asked them if they consider it can be dangerous for rabbits to have a hay rack that is hung on a grid and is open at the top. The kind one can buy in any pet store. And if they have ever had a rabbit in their practice who has been injured by jumping up in a hay hedge, and possibly broken leg or something in such a one.

None of the three doctors have ever had a rabbit with injuries due to a hay rack. One of the vets also works for an animal shelter, and gets many rescue rabbits in. She has seen many strange injuries, but never from a hay hedge.

Of course, anything can be potentially dangerous, so of course you have to remove the hay hedge if your rabbit should jump into it.

(Note that we asked the same questions regarding harnesses. Please see under the section on rabbit harnesses and leashes)


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