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  • Giant rabbits – Pillow in soft velor – Black

  • Giant rabbits – Pillow in soft velvet – Yellow

  • Rabbit toy – Play gym with endless possibilities

  • Soft velvet basket – Old pink

  • Pea flakes for Rabbits

  • Bamboo food bowl for rabbit – Without plastic – Black

  • Blue cage for transporting small animals

  • Sale!

    Ball pool for rabbits – Rabbit digging box with balls

  • Nettle herb for rabbits

  • Bunny Nature – Rabbit food junior – rabbit pills for young rabbits

  • Duvet and pillow for rabbit bed

  • Food Bowl with scale for Cats and Rabbits from Petkit – White

  • Fresh green hay with 18 different grasses and plants

  • Grainless Complete Dwarf Rabbit – Rabbit Feed – Food for bunnies

  • Grainless deluxe sticks – Best snacks for rabbits


Rabbit shop – Rabbit accessories

Here is our rabbit shop, Free The Bunny, which specializes in selling rabbit accessories for free roam bunnies. A bunny shop that exclusively sells equipment for rabbits.

Rabbit shop

On this page you will find everything we have to offer for your rabbit. It has been difficult to find cool things for rabbits and healthy, organic rabbit accessories, so we produce many things ourselves, or have them specially made for us. We love our rabbit shop, and love to invent products we can make. But luckily we also found some really good rabbit brands and products for rabbits out there. We have just started the rabbit online store up so we get more things into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of items for your bun.

Equipment for rabbits

On this page you can find nice equipment for bunnies that roam free in the house, free roam rabbits. Here you can get a large rabbit cage which is used as a rabbit home base with all your rabbit equipment in, whether it is furniture, digging box, tunnels or bed. Since we have had rabbits for many years, we also know what they like to play with, so check out our large selection of activity toys and small caves. Many good quality products in our house bunny shop.

Other rabbit accessories

In this rabbit shop you can also get some of the other rabbit accessories that should always be used when there are rabbits in the home. For example, toilets, special feeding bowls and other luxury items for rabbits.

Rabbit webshop with healthy food

We are very picky with the brands we select to be in our rabbit webshop. Only the best and healthiest brands come in here. Among other things, we sell only rabbit feed without grains and corn. And all our feed brands contain many different grass species and herbs, so you know that your rabbit will have a varied and natural diet when you buy pellets here.

Rabbit accessories we make ourselves

We make a lot of our rabbit accessories ourselves. For example, we have designed and made the famous rabbit bed with ears, and we also sew the bedding for it ourselves, and much of the fabric is also our own design. We also make various rabbit houses in wood. For example, the house with rabbit ears or the houses that can be assembled with tunnels.

Bunny shop for free roam rabbit

We made the rabbit online shop because we thought it was hard to find cool things for our own rabbits, so we started making some things for them ourselves. And why not make a rabbit shop. We love rabbits and have had free roaming bunnies for many years. Ie. our rabbit, Ninus, has had no cage at all, but just an area with his stuff. With us, we believe the rabbit should be part of the family, just like a cat or a dog. They have a large cage or rather a fence. It is always open but here they are a sanctuary where they can stay and where children do not have access. Also see our blog post about rabbit supply and equipment for rabbits. Here you can find tips and tricks for keeping a healthy and happy rabbit. We want to make the world’s best store for rabbit supplies.


Free The Bunny