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Large Rabbit food test – Which pellets are best for rabbits

Which rabbit feed is really best. The answer might surprise you...
Read how we have found the best rabbit feed.

Below we have given stars to the various rabbit food brands on the market. See which pellets wins the big feed test.

Do you want to give your bunny the best rabbit food? Which feed is best for rabbits? If a rabbit is to have a healthy diet, it must have a varied rabbit diet. We think it should represent the diet wild rabbits have. Wild rabbits eat many different grass species daily. That’s what saturates. But they also supplement their food with a wide variety of wild weed plants (herbs), green leaves, branches from shrubs and flowers.

Unfortunately, there are far too many pellets on the market that in no way give a rabbit anything like that looks like real rabbit food.

Rabbits in the wild would never only eat ONE kind of grass species and then a lot of soybeans and wheat cereal on next to that. As we as rabbit owner offer our rabbit. And you can put so many fibers in it as you like, it’s still not really rabbit food. Rabbits also do not eat bananas and peaches.

Check to see which feed brands score best in the test.

grass meadow with herbs is rabbit food

Grass, herbs and flowers are NATURAL and REAL rabbit food

wheat soy mais

Wheat, soy and mais are NOT natural and real rabbit food

Feeding your rabbit with ONE kind of grass with added fiber and vitamins is the same as we only ate ONE kind of fiber bread with vitamin pills day in and day out. Yes fibers are really healthy, but that’s not all we or rabbits need. We need different cereal bread, rice and potatoes. In the same way, rabbits need many grass species.

If rabbits also do not get herbs, leaves, flowers, etc. for their hay/grass it will be similar to that we did not get different fruits and vegetables. So go out and pick some wild plants or buy some herbs next to your hay and pellets if you don’t have the opportunity to pick fresh plants.

You can also buy herbal hay or meadow hay where grass is harvested with wild natural herbs in it.

See below who wins the rabbit feed test and whether you give your rabbit the best rabbit food…

We have done the test (or rather the ingredient comparison) based on our own attitudes to what rabbits benefit from.

How we rated in the great rabbit feed test

Is grass the first ingredient in the feed

If so, the food pellets will get one star.

Are there more than 3 different grass species and 5 different herbs in the pills?

If there are both more than 3 grass species AND more than 5 herbs they will get a star

Is it clear from the list of ingredients what is in the rabbit feed

I.e. no secretive ingredients like ''vegetable by-products'' which can be almost anything, and probably cover up that it is not quality.

Do they comply with the guidelines on good nutrient composition for rabbits

I.e over 18% fiber, 12-16% protein, under 1-4% fat, and 0.6-1% calcium.
( Textbook of Rabbit Medicine(1), a recognized book used by veterinarians worldwide that bases its knowledge on the basis of clinical trials and research)

Contains the rabbit feed cereals and soy

If the feed DOES NOT contain soy, wheat, other cereal, corn or rice as one of the first 4 ingredients, it gets a star. It must also not contain sugar (molasses, sweeteners) or colouring matters
rabbit feed test Brit rabbit food
Stars 3 rabbit pellets test

Brit Animals

Average foot that requires lots of good hay on the side

Brit Animals feed pellets do not have grass as the first ingredient, but in turn alfalfa which is green and very nutritious (1/2 star). There are no different grass species, but there are 5 herbs. It is clear from the list of ingredients what is in it (1 star). There is 20% fibre, 14% protein and 2.8% fat. After all, it complies with the nutrient composition (1 star). There is no grain in the first 4 ingredients, but it contains both barley, wheat and mais (1/2 star). All in all, it gives the rabbit a little varied diet as there are different ingredients in, but not wildly many herbs and no grass at all, so it certainly requires some good hay with many grass species!

rabbit feed test beaphar rabbit feed
Stars 4.5 rabbit food test

Beaphar Nature

A really good, natural and very fiber-rich feed pill

Beaphar Nature has Timothy grass as its first ingredient(1 star). As a second ingredient, it has herbal grass which consists of 30 different grasses and herbs(2nd star). Unfortunately, we are not told what grass and herbs it consists of, nor are we told what fruit is in addition to apple. Otherwise, there are no secretive ingredients(1/2 star). It has a whopping 25% fibre, 13% protein and 3% fat (3rd star). And then it contains no grain or soy (4th star). Definitely a good feed, especially if you are afraid that your rabbit will not get enough fiber. The only reason it doesn’t get all 5 stars is because they’re not a 100% clear with what’s in it.

rabbit feed test best friend festival feed pills
stars 0 bad rabbit food test loser

Best Friend Festival

F√łtex(danish supermarket) feed pellets – full of mystery and far too little fiber

I wonder if there’s grass as the first ingredient. We don’t know because it just says “vegetable by-products” which may be everything, but an educated guess would be NO. Are there more than 5 different grasses and herbs. It is not known, but a guess would be NO, otherwise it would probably have been on the package. The only healthy thing you can see is alfalfa. The pills do not contain enough fibre, which must be at least 18%, they contain 15.8% and they have an excessive protein content of 16.5%. The only plus of these pellets is that they do not contain sugars and dyes. But they can’t get a single star from here.

Rabbit food test Burgess rabbit pellets
Stars 2.5 rabbit food

Burgess Excel Mint

Not a particularly natural rabbit pellet

Burgess is probably the most popular feed on the Danish market. It contains grass as the first ingredient, they do not write which grass, but a good guess is that it is probably timothy (1 star). It most likely does not contain several different grass species, and only EN herb, and that is mint. It contains wheat, oats and soy as 2. 3. and 4th ingredient (so it’s very grainy). They are quite clear with what ingredients are in the feed, however, they cheat a little by writing that it contains 39% fiber which is a fiber content measured with a completely different analysis than the recommended (1/2 star). The feed contains 19% fiber, 13% protein and 4% fat, which is what the recommendations say it should be (1 sjerne). It contains a number of ingredients that are supposed to help the rabbit’s digestion, which you can understand when you look at all the grains that are in it.

Rabbit feed test Bunny nature
Stars 5 Test winner

Bunny Nature Herbs

An incredible number of grasses and herbs for a versatile rabbit diet

Bunny Nature Herbs pellet’s first ingredient is timothy grass (1 star). In fact, the first 42 ingredients are many different grass species and herbs derived from unsprayed fields (1 star). They are quite clear with what is in the ingredients list (1 sjerne). They have no grain, corn or soy. However, they have some wheat bran and oat bran, which is a very fiber-rich part of the wheat and oats, so it is ok, a natural way to add more fiber (1 star). They contain 21% fibre, that’s more than most, 13% protein and 2.7% fat, so at the lower end of the fat content, which is very good for indoor rabbits (1 sjerne). In total, one thing can only be said: DELICIOUS.

rabbit food test coop compound feed
stars 0 bad rabbit food test loser

Coop(danish supermarket) compound feed

Many cereals and a muesli product

There is not grass as the first ingredient, but cereals. Mais as a second ingredient. So far no different grass species can be seen and only one herb which is alfalfa. There are vegetable byproducts as a 5 ingredient, it might be a little grass in who knows, but either way it’s vanishingly little grass and herbs that could hide in there. It is not clear what is in the feed and there is a lot of grain in it.

rabbit food test crispy rabbit food
stars 0 bad rabbit food test loser

Crispy Muesli

Lots of cereals, sugar and mysterious ingredients

Whether the first ingredient is grass is not known, since it says vegetable by-products, but it is most likely not grass. Whether there are more grass species and at least 5 herbs is also not known, but I wonder if there would have been something good in it, they would proberbly have written it on the package. It’s certainly not clear what’s in it. But they’re honest that there’s sugar in the feed ūüôĀ There is also plenty of cereal and mais in. The fibre content is far too low at only 14.5% and a little high in protein.

rabbit feed test Grainless health complete feed pellets
Stars 5 Test winner

Grainless Health Complete

Super pellets that give rabbits a varied natural rabbit diet with lots of grasses and herbs

Grainless Health Complete has timothy grass as the first ingredient(1 star). It has a total of 9 different grass species from unsprayed fields. These delicious pellets also contain about 30 different herbs and flowers(1 star). They are clear with what ingredients are in(1 star). It contains 21% fiber which is above the minimum 18%, and fat at 3.6% (1 sjerne). It contains no cereals, mais, soy, colors or sugar (1 sjerne).

Rabbit feed test grainless dwarf rabbit
Stars 5 Test winner

Grainless Dwarf Rabbit

Lots of grasses, herbs and flowers. No grain or soy. Super natural rabbit feed.

Grainless complete dwarf rabbit has timothy grass as the first ingredient (1 sjerne). They contain as many as 11 different grass species and about 27 different herbs and flowers(1 star). And as an added plus, they come from unsprayed fields. They are quite clear with what ingredients are in it (1 star). They contain 21.5% fiber and only 2.9% fat and complies with the recommended recommendations for nutritional analysis (1 sjerne). These healthy rabbit pellets contain no grains, soy or anything bad at all. A super healthy and natural and green rabbit pellet.

rabbit feeder tests nature rabbit feed pills
Stars 1 for rabbit pellets test

Nature by Versele Laga

Very indistinous with content, and too little fiber

These pellets contain vegetable by-products as the first ingredient that no one knows what consists of, of which 23% are grass and herbs, i.e. 77% something else unknown. Maybe cheap waste product from industry or soy. They say there’s no grain in it. They can not get stars for containing much grass or herbs. They also can’t get stars to be clear with what’s in it. They do not comply with the recommendations for nutrients with 16% fiber, 14.5% protein and 3.5% fat. This feed might well be able to get a little more stars if they had been more evident with their ingredients. There are some different vegetables and herbs in which gives some variety. That’s why they get one star.

rabbit feed test cuni complete pellets
Stars 1 for rabbit pellets test

Versele Laga Cuni Complete

Secretive ingredients

These pellets contain vegetable by-products as the first ingredient that no one knows what consists of, of which 10% are grass and herbs, i.e. 90% something else mysterious. Probably some cheap waste product from industry or soy. They say there’s no grain in it. They can not get stars for containing much grass or herbs. They also can’t get stars to be clear with what’s in it. They comply with the recommendations for nutrients with 20% fiber, 13% protein and 3% fat. This feed might well be able to get a little more stars if they had been more open with their ingredients.

rabbit feed test rema muesli mixture for rabbits
stars 0 bad rabbit food test loser

Natura from Rema 1000 (danish supermarket)

Poor feed with dyes and many cereals

Like all the other cheap brands from the supermarket, Rema’s muesli mixture for rabbits and rodents has vegetable by-products as the first ingredient. No one knows what it is, but most likely a cheap waste product from industry. There is nothing in the ingredient list that indicates that there is grass or herbs in it. There is alfalfa in it as 3. ingredient. and cereals as a second ingredient. You can also see a lot of grain in the feed as it is a muesli product. They have also used dyes, so the feed looks more varied and exciting to us humans. the feed can not get any stars and is not suitable for rabbits

rabbit feed test sciense selective
Stars 2.5 rabbit food

Science Selective

Very fiber-rich 25%, but also filled with soy and grains

Science Selecktive Adult has alfalfa as its first ingredient, it is not grass, but green which is very nutritious (1/2 star). It has no more grass species and also no herbs besides alfalfa and yucca as the last ingredient. They are quite clear with what they have put in the feed, no mysterious ingredients (1 star). There are soy shells, wheat, fodder wheat and soybeans 2. 3. 4th and 6th ingredient, so a lot of grain. It complies with the guidelines for nutrient analysis with fat 4%, protein 14% and extra much fiber at 25% just like Beaphar(1 star). Fibers are good, but not the only thing rabbits need, so if you are looking for many fibers then Beaphar has just as many fibers but also a lot of different grasses and herbs.

rabbit feed test vitakraft menu rabbit feed
stars 0 bad rabbit food test loser

Vitakraft Menu

Muesli mixture with lots of cereals and dyes

The vitakraft rabbit mixture contains the mysterious Vegetable by-products as the first ingredient, and it can be just about anything. It has grain as its second ingredient. They are not clear what they have put in the feed. There are also dye substances added to look more varied to humans. This feed is very popular.

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