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9 easy plants you can pick in May

Also let your rabbit feel the lovely flowering spring

I don't think there's anything better and healthier you can do for your rabbit than picking a decent handful of greens in the wild.

Juhuuu it is finally May, the loveliest spring month. Over the next few weeks, everything will burst into full bloom. All that light green is right now filled with lovely nutrients, and just so delicious.

Remember that the greens from nature are healthier and more natural for your rabbit than vegetables from the shops. And your rabbit will thank you. Pick greens for it every day.

Here’s a list of 9 easily recognizable plants popping out right now…

GRASS: Lovely wild grass growing up everywhere right now

FORGET-ME-NOT: Delicious blue flowers

YARROW: The cute little leaves are still hiding in the grass but very easy to recognize

DAISY: Nam nam.. remember also the small green leaves

ELM: Elm trees grow all over. These are the trees that get very rough leaves. Pick a branch with fresh new leaves.

ROSEHIP BUSH: We all know rosehip bushes. Bring some new light green leaf home to your rabbit

PLANTAIN: They’re still very small, but if you look closely they’re growing in the grass right now

SPEEDWELL: Delicious juicy green plant that spreads all the way down by the ground, almost net-like.

DANDELION: Of course 🙂


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