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8 good reasons to neutering your rabbit

Are you considering neutering your rabbit? Here are the benefits: Get rid of unwanted behavior and get a happier rabbit
Neutering is important to get a happy and well functioning rabbit


Your rabbit becomes less aggressive towards you

Because of hormones that are an important part of a wild rabbit's social, it will fight for its territory, and therefore becomes aggressive to intruders. Therefore, rabbits will often bite out after you or other animals if they approach.

It doesn't pee all over the place because it marks its territory

Rabbits pee to tell other rabbits that they live here. They can spray it up the wall and make poops all around the house. They especially love to pee on fabric eg sofa and bed

It doesn't make poops all over the place

Rabbits in the wild mark their territory with poops, to keep other rabbits away

Your rabbit can be more easily bonded with other rabbits

If they are not sterilized or neutered, there will easily be heavy fighting between rabbits, especially if they do not already know each other

The rabbit won't mate with you or his stuff anymore

Rabbits will be very frustrated and want to mate if they are not neutered. It may want to hump you, other animals or teddy bears

You will get a happier rabbit because it doesn't feel frustrated all the time

The rabbit does not get the chance to live out its natural hormonal instincts when holding it at home, making the rabbit very frustrated and angry

Female rabbits don't get cancer of the womb

Female rabbits often get uterine cancer, which is avoided as it is removed during surgery

Your rabbit is getting more cuddly

And that is just nice.

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